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Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Who’s Going and Who’s Blowing (Yiddish calque for sulking)?

Skollenner Rebbe

While HN was pessimistic in a previous article regarding the projected success of the Pan-Israelite Anti-Internet Conference coming up this Sunday, we now predict a massive, unprecedented turnout and a resounding success attendance-wise. It is now reported that the Arthur

Weberman Sexual Molestation Case Drives Wedge in Community

As the fundraising event gets underway this evening for Nechemiah Weberman’s defense against allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor, deep rifts are laid bare in the Hasidic Community of Williamsburg. There is far from consensus in the street opinion

Anti-Internet Rally Floundering Amid Apathy and Counter Rally

Citi Field Stadium: can the haredim fill it up?

The Ultra-Orthodox Anti-Internet rally organized by the “committee for purity in the camp” scheduled to take place in Citi Field on May 20 is floundering amid general apathy by the Hasidic community and an inability to secure high-level endorsements in

Planned Citi Field Anti-Internet Conference Fraught with Internecine Rivalry

Major media outlets such as Jewish Daily News, The Jewish Press and The Huffington Post finally picked up the Haredi Anti-Internet Conference story (it may have been picked up from our original report on March 13 in which we initially erroneously named the venue “Shea

Satmar Brothers Dueling Over Summer Camps — 3,500 Zalmanite Kids Hang in the Balance

The Satmar Brothers Aaron and Zalman are once again at each other’s throats, this time over who would get to use the four summer camps in Ulster County, New York. David Rosenburg has administered the camps on behalf of Congregation

Libby Pollak: A Star is Born — And With It A Revival of Hasidic Yiddish

Libby Pollak is no ordinary woman. Three years ago she was a newly hitched young veibele in Williamsburg, lost in the shuffle of thousands of Ultra-hasidic couples who get married and settle there annually. Now her star is rapidly rising

Congressional Redistricting Will Shake Up Jewish Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Since 2010 census data show that the New York State population did not proportionately grow as rapidly as that in other states, it is forced to forfeit two representatives. Accordingly in the new congressional elections to take place this fall

State Rebuffs FOIL Request on KJ Penisgate

New York State Police issued its final rebuttal on Apr 6 to HN’s request to obtain police reports relating to the Johanan Cohen death case, about which rumors circulated at the time of death in January 2007 that the boy’s

New TV show on ex-Hasidic Divorcees in the Works

A new reality TV docu-drama show is in the works, this time bringing the obscure Ultra-orthodox culture and lifestyle to the bedrooms of mainstream Americans from the perspective of rebels. The cast is currently led by our very own Perry

New Trends: Chametz Truck and Chametz Soup Kitchen

It is reported that Rabbi Mottelle, the Vizhntzer Rebbe in Monsey has launched some cutting-edge new pre-Passover services to his vibrant community in Monsey, New York. For one, women can now completely dedicate themselves to the gargantuan task of cleaning

New Line of Kosher-certified Women’s Clothing Hit the Market

Do you want to be 100% on God’s good side? Then do EVERYTHING kosher. kosher water (no microbes), kosher vegetables (not washed before Passover), kosher clothing (no shatnez), kosher digital camera (no video functionality), kosher stocking (opaque and seamed), and now…

Williamsburg Fringe Applauds Religious Dialectician

Last Thursday Williamsburg played host to an unusual guest: a religious Jew who specializes in debating people of a different persuasion. He engages in what Williamsburg folks call haqirah — “examination” of the theological and philosophical pillars of he Jewish