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Satmar Brothers Dueling Over Summer Camps — 3,500 Zalmanite Kids Hang in the Balance

Satmar-Aaron Bungalow Colony in the Borscht Belt

The Satmar Brothers Aaron and Zalman are once again at each other’s throats, this time over who would get to use the four summer camps in Ulster County, New York. David Rosenburg has administered the camps on behalf of Congregation

Congressional Redistricting Will Shake Up Jewish Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Old 10th district of Ed Towns

Since 2010 census data show that the New York State population did not proportionately grow as rapidly as that in other states, it is forced to forfeit two representatives. Accordingly in the new congressional elections to take place this fall

State Rebuffs FOIL Request on KJ Penisgate


New York State Police issued its final rebuttal on Apr 6 to HN’s request to obtain police reports relating to the Johanan Cohen death case, about which rumors circulated at the time of death in January 2007 that the boy’s

New TV show on ex-Hasidic Divorcees in the Works


A new reality TV docu-drama show is in the works, this time bringing the obscure Ultra-orthodox culture and lifestyle to the bedrooms of mainstream Americans from the perspective of rebels. The cast is currently led by our very own Perry

New Trends: Chametz Truck and Chametz Soup Kitchen


It is reported that Rabbi Mottelle, the Vizhntzer Rebbe in Monsey has launched some cutting-edge new pre-Passover services to his vibrant community in Monsey, New York. For one, women can now completely dedicate themselves to the gargantuan task of cleaning

New Line of Kosher-certified Women’s Clothing Hit the Market

Tag of Kosher Women's Clothing

Do you want to be 100% on God’s good side? Then do EVERYTHING kosher. kosher water (no microbes), kosher vegetables (not washed before Passover), kosher clothing (no shatnez), kosher digital camera (no video functionality), kosher stocking (opaque and seamed), and now…

Williamsburg Fringe Applauds Religious Dialectician

R. Yossi Mizrahi at Lipa Schmeltzer Shul

Last Thursday Williamsburg played host to an unusual guest: a religious Jew who specializes in debating people of a different persuasion. He engages in what Williamsburg folks call haqirah — “examination” of the theological and philosophical pillars of he Jewish

Behadre Haredim –Leading Haredi Community Forum on Internet– Pinched for Blackmailing

behadre haredim forum screen shot

Directors of Behadrei Haredim, the premier Haredi Hebrew and Yiddish online portal, were arrested yesterday in Israel on charges of blackmail and extortion. They allegedly threatened to divulge damaging information on prominent Haredi leaders unless they were paid off to

Masbia in Williamsburg Shutting Down?

Henry Orenstein at the Williamsburg branch inauguration

The Williamsburg branch of Masbia, the popular food pantry headquartered in Borough Park, may be shutting down. There is currently a sign on the front window advertising the space for rent, but a replacement space has not been announced by the

Fisher-Schwartz Wedding in Forbidden KJ Hall Confounds Aaronites

Zlotchiver Rebbe at the Fisher-Schwartz Wedding

The Aaronites (those championg the Satmar rabbintae of Aaorn Teitelbaum, as opposed to his brother Zalman) are in a bind. They have a difficult position to defend and the petty Rabbis aren’t exactly cooperating. It all revolves around the “invalid

Williamsburg Populace Defies Star/Spective Ban


The ban on the Star and Spective, two monthly Yiddish magazines under the penship of Mr. Shimon Rolintzky from Monsey, NY, is not holding up under stress. The ban was issued several weeks ago by about a dozen Rabbanim in

Deborah Feldman Nibbles Away at the Hasidic Fringe; Suggests We Can Get Rid of our Pekklech


For the first time since launching her book promotion tour for Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots, Ms. Feldman yesterday confronted the haredi fringe head-on in a reading and Q&A session at the Thursday Night Chulent weekly conference on the