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In Defense of Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans

R. Shlomo Helbrans, Rabbi of the Lev Tahor yeshiva in Monsey, NY, drowned to death this past Friday while ritually bathing in a river in Mexico. While conspiracy theories do exist that implicate such elements as the Israeli Mosad and

Weberman Defense Fund Turns Out to Be Slush Fund

OPINION Remember the fundraising event last month for Nechemiah Weberman whose defense claims that the sexual molestation allegations against him are pure fabrications? Now it turns out that the money wasn’t intended to defend him. You obviously don’t need to convoke the

Boorie Deutsch Learns a Hard Lesson: Customer is ALWAYS Right

OPINION Our own Boorie Deutsch, protagonist in the Weberman sexual molestation case that has become a cause celebre topping the news this week in the hood, may have erred in his headstrong belligerence against the Hasidic Williamsburg establishment. Is is now reported that

Planned Citi Field Anti-Internet Conference Fraught with Internecine Rivalry

Major media outlets such as Jewish Daily News, The Jewish Press and The Huffington Post finally picked up the Haredi Anti-Internet Conference story (it may have been picked up from our original report on March 13 in which we initially erroneously named the venue “Shea

Polar Reversal of Ultra-orthodoxy in America Well Under Way

The signs are ominous. Decadence is omnipresent. The jadedness irreversible. Ultra-orthodoxy has seen better days. Like the economy, it’s hard to detect its heyday before it’s already over the top and perhaps on a precipitous decline into the abyss. I don’t think that

How to Outfrum your Opponent? No Congregational Coffee for Passover!

The Zallies have figured out a way to give — or should I say NOT give– the people what they want and at the same time bolster their ranks and popularity: no coffee in shul for Passover. “Frum” means religious;

Storobin-R Wins Haredi-saturated 27th State Assembly District

In another shocking and disheartening defeat for Democrats in Brooklyn, it now seems all but certain that their Democratic nominee for State senator to replace Senator Kruger (who resigned due to corruption charges) has lost to David Storobin, a 33 year old

Haredi Aversion to Media Exposure

As proprietor of and, I have been contacted by a couple of media entities recently who have asked my help in getting Hasidim in front of a camera. In July 2011 it was a representative of Oprah’s Next

DF (Deborah Feldman) Still in the Headlines

The Haredi world is still debating the fallout of the Deborah Feldman book: Unorthodox, which has reached far beyond Feldman’s home base in the Haredi-Jewish-saturated Metropolitan New York. Haredim are failry image-conscious; they are aware that the average American looks