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Anti-Internet Rally Yields Cacophony of Voices


Amid the din of choppers circling overhead and the number 7 trains hurtling into the CitiField station, the only voices even more discordant were those of the rally and anti-rally “Internet is Not the Problem” attendees. When asked why they

Footsteps Steps Up Its Pace


Footsteps, the organization famous for its aid to those in haredi communities who seek to migrate to the mainstream, released its annual report last February. Most striking in the report was its astonishing growth over the last two years — especially in

Exclusive HN Email Interview with Feldman: I’m not trying to attack a community, I am trying to encourage reform and offer resources to those who want a different life!


Jacob Gluck — HN editor; Feb 16, 2012. I would like to open this email interview by first expressing my profoundest appreciation and overwhelming joy at finally having an engaging, frank, and genuine account of Hasidic life published for all