Judge Rejects “Expert Witness” in Perry Reich case

In yet another 11th hour call for a court proceeding in the Perry Reich child custody battle case, the new judge introduced himself yesterday to the litigants and set down some ground rules for the parties.

Significantly, he made several rulings that seem to favor her ex-husband, Mr. Susholz. For one he barred the expert witness chosen by Ms. Reich on “conflict of interest” grounds after the Sucholz party pointed out that he is a long-time friend of Ms. Reich. The judge also denied a request made by Ms. Reich’s party that a court-appointed evaluator be brought in to launch a thorough re-evaluation of all the circumstances that may have a bearing on the case, including interviewing the children, who have never before been interviewed by the court, according to Ms. Reich.

The court did, however, allow Ms. Reich to hire an expert to analyze the evidence in the case and testify on her behalf.

In an anguished plea, Ms. Reich lamented having already shelled out $60,000 on the case. Most of the money was spent in the formative stages of the conflict when the beth din was still the arbitrator agreed upon by both parties. Beth din panelists and rabbinic lawyers (known as “toanim”) are notorious for charging outrageous price-gouging fees in the vicinity of $300-400/hour. The remainder was spent on her mediocre lawyer with whom she’s been scuffling periodically over compensation rates and access to documents relating to the case. Now she needs around $2,000 for an expert psychologist and the coffers are empty.

Since we last reported on the case, the Susholz party hasn’t been sitting by trifling idly. They have rolled up their sleeves and gotten busy, opting for a similar PR blitz approach to Ms. Reich, with the launching of the Facebook page “Saving Sinai’s Children from Instability etc…” which currently tallies 1,800 members compared to Ms. Reich’s 4,500. Yet, the Susholz party requested a closed trial at the hearing, ostensibly in the privacy interests of the children. It is not clear, if the judge has granted it.

The trial date in NJ Family court has been set for May 21st 2012.

Donations for the Reich party can be made on her ad-hoc website http://www.saveperryskids.com/

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13 Responses to Judge Rejects “Expert Witness” in Perry Reich case

  1. sinai's kids says:

    Donations for the Susholz family can be made anonymously by emailing: mlefkovi@yahoo.com

  2. Sam says:

    To spend $60,000 on a toan it a huge amt. of money. I find it hard to believe. At 300$ an hour, that means over 200 hours? Now she needs $2000.! Why doesn’t she get a job?

  3. reality says:

    The group was not started by her ex nor does he have any affiliation to it at all. He has remained completely out of any media exposure and some of his supporters put the group together despite his requests to remove said group. Right or wrong, the “number” of followers on either side hold no bearing . It’s all about who added whom and who is staying to enjoy the gossip. The matter should be resolved privately.

    • Horrified bystander says:

      Well, some of his members are brainwashed members of a cut. Her followers are all free thinkers, so every supporter for her is the equivalent of 10 brainwashed supporters of his.

  4. Mordechai says:

    Mediocre attorney……loved that!!!

    Nicely done. Not shocked judges decisions. Doesn’t seem to me that it will have that much of a negative impact on perry. Atleast I hope not.

    Good job

  5. FRANK says:

    The “save sinai’s kids” webpage is a real disgrace. All it does is posts untzniusdik pictures of Perry and writes childish make believe conversations and stories that never happened,as well as simply call her childish names. It looks really bad for sinai.

    I really think it would be in his best interest to make a simple public statement calling on the owners of that group to remove it and state that he does not approve of it.

  6. ym says:

    “All it does is posts untzniusdik pictures of Perry ”
    guess who allowed herself to take those pictures? I”ll give you a hit: It wasn’t the husband.

  7. pearl reich says:

    @jacob gluck you rock the system…keep it up!!!

  8. click says:

    Could you email me with some hints on how you made this website look this awesome, I would appreciate it!

  9. Horrified bystander says:

    This just baffles me. How an abusive, controlling cult member can use his money to, in the worst interest of their children, launches such vile personal attack on a warm, loving, destroyed financially and emotionally by this monster. And the supporters of this vile creature not look at the merits of how this wonan is wonderful warm loving mother, but because she refuses to follow the preachings of the cult, is deemed unfit by women of her cult with no education, especially to perform such absurd physiological diagnosis. It is just like what Katie Holmes is being subjected to b the Scientogolgist cult, but in her case, she is actually trying to save her children from the grips of a secretive bizarre cult, where the woman are totally put down. And in the case of Pearl, punished in a way that no mother should be subjected to, the threat of having her precious children taken away. After doing everything to please the cult. Please, cult members, and kudos of you who do, self introspection is an asset, although not encouraged by the cult leaders. And women, really think about it, do you really enjoy the feeling of being downgraded by the male members of your cult, or is so entrenched, that you aren’t even aware of it, like white noise. Let this women keep her children. This entire courtroom drama sickens me to my very core. Of course, he will win, he has emotionally and financially stepped on her, much like a sociopath would kick a cat after being hit by a car.

  10. Horrified bystander says:

    Sorry about my grammar and incomplete sentences, but it’s super late, was from ridiculously fast stream of conscious, and I can’t edit my post. I hope my message reads loud and clear. This trial is nothing short of a Salem Witch Trial. Going to send some support dollars to Pearl through Pay Pay and I suggest. EVERYONE do the same. Social injustice at its very worst. And trust me, the reason a lot of the woman are speaking out against her so vehemently is because she is infinitely more attractive than they are.

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