Weberman Sexual Molestation Case Drives Wedge in Community

As the fundraising event gets underway this evening for Nechemiah Weberman’s defense against allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor, deep rifts are laid bare in the Hasidic Community of Williamsburg. There is far from consensus in the street opinion as to whether Mr. Weberman is innocent or guilty. Informal polling of community members regarding the accusation yields emotions ranging from sympathy to the neutral “it was probably consensual” claim to the vehement denial of the charges.

For those who deny the charges, the “evidence” is written on the wall. Mr. Weberman, a member in good standing in the community and a popular activist has a a good reputation — that is ipso facto proof that he’s innocent. But for family members and sympathizers who are fed up with the abuse of power and sexual impropriety that gets shoved under the rug, the accusation is serious. They paint a grim picture of a man who for years juggled illicit sexual encounters with members of the opposite sex he encountered in the course of his “consultancy” work for community members.

Ab Fried, a brother in law of the victim, insinuates that Weberman’s alleged sexual misconduct extended to his other sister-in-laws as well (but not to his wife). “He was considered a wise and trusted family friend. My father-in-law really trusted him”, he says, adding that his father-in-law is now irresolute about the case, sympathizing with his daughter on the one hand but not willing to incur the wrath of the community on the other by supporting her openly. Other community members concur about Weberman’s dissolute sexual behavior. On one blog a comment was left claiming “this men abuse me too [sic]  if you want to know more please send me email at“.

weberman in court for his arraignment

weberman in court for his arraignment

But what the mainstream media have failed to report is the epic intrigue underlying this case. The legal case against Weberman didn’t solely result from a Flatbush therapist who reported the reports of abuse to authorities as required by law. It started when the 12 year old girl, Ms. Kraus, was referred to religious therapy after she posed unanswerable questions in school. She seemed to have gone off the derekh at that time and developed a tryst with a similarly freewheeling young man by the name of Solomon. This is where Mr. Weberman, as a self-proclaimed psychological guru and maven, entered the picture. Apart from the alleged sexual affair with the girl, he also tried to break up her relationship with Solomon, to which end he reported it to the police as statutory rape. Solomon was arrested and endured several agonizing weeks until the case was dropped for unknown reasons.

In the meantime, the religious therapy wasn’t quite successful in steering the girl back on track. She subsequently formed a relationship with Boorey Deutsch a bachelor restaurateur in the community. Outraged over the emotional scars left on his girlfriend and Mr. Weberman’s high-handed tactics, including his vicious reporting of Solomon to the authorities, Mr. Deutsch decided to speak up against the perv and take action, which explains his girlfriend’s cooperation with the prosecution despite overwhelming communal pressure that they drop the charges.

Even as this article is being written. Mr Deutsch and a group of sympathizers are staging a rally in support of the girl and against the fundraising campaign for Weberman’s legal defense.  The event on Facebook has 119 people confirmed as “going”.

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27 Responses to Weberman Sexual Molestation Case Drives Wedge in Community

  1. V Visen says:

    Thanks Jacob for reporting the full story.
    I was doubting if this person is innocent or guilty, the simple question I had was, if the allegation is not true why would she pick on someone that tried to help her?, but with the Info. you provided and with some further research everything makes sense, she was desperate to get back with the Solomon boy but he refused, which angered her immensely blaming Weberman for having them split thus the allegation.
    Funny thing is how the Deutch boy backs her, even though she so obviously makes him feel second, and goes so far as losing his business. Interesting world we live in indeed.

    • Amy says:

      I am saddened by your simplification of why a girl would make allegations of sexual assault. Most often allegations are made because they were assaulted. A person would not come forth and say they were assaulted, especially in a community, where a girl or woman is suppose to stay quiet about such matters.

      There are some occasions where people who were assaulted will say that someone else assaulted them because they are too scared to say who really assaulted them or it is a cover memory. But people normally DO NOT make up sexual assault. (if you look at the history of the False Memory Organization, you will see a list a perpetrators, such as the man who wrote an article for NAMBLA and naive people who started it.)

      And I thought that your comment about the Deutsch boy backing her being second class, is very condescending towards women. Please learn to listen to your heart and come from a place of love and not hate.

  2. Noe, Yoely says:


    This is the explanation they like to give to people who do not know anything so as to justify their actions of vilifying this girl. The truth is since no one was there we can’t decide if it is true or not. We live in America and we have a trial by jury to decide if he is guilty or not. However, what bothers me most is that they try to portray her is a liar as if this is just a case of revenge without even thoroughly investigating the truth. They sadly try to protect their own skins so not to be scrutinized by the outside world as employing such an individual as a councilor.

    Here are a few points I’d like to make:

    Why does everyone assume that she lied? Unfortunately the syndrome in this community is to portray and many actually believe that when someone chooses to not dress Hasidic or not to follow this way of life that person has no morals. From my own experience I can say that people think that a person who leaves the community is not to be trusted, has no morals and is a laying cheat. I read the flier and this is what they were trying to say in their between the lines… SHE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED SINCE SHE IS FARDURBAN….

    Why are we quick to come to his defense and not to hers?

    Why should an honest person send his kid to a school that its leaders would not even investigate if the story is true or not? What should a father do in that case? Since going to non Jewish court is a sin and the rebbes are not to be trusted on this one… Furthermore, what would stop a pedophile from doing his thing in the community when all he needs to do to get away with it is to have a reputation and solid connections?

    I have spoken to some Hasidic people, parents and business people, who are aware of the problems here in the community and all have told me the same thing…. “You cannot sand a fellow Jew to prison”. I for one am shocked on this hypocrisy. 26 of us young boys got arrested on a Yom Tov for political reason summand by the same rebbes … Where was this concept then?

    As for this case; I know both personally. Do I believe one more then the other? Not necessarily. I do however sick the truth and not try to judge based on way of appearance and connections.

  3. AJ Weberman says:

    Yoely, go back because I have updated the article. The reason this cover up exists is because the Weberman family founded the Molachim and later Satmar so it is a big scandal. Jews cannot put themselves on the same level as the NO SNITCH blacks do in Philadelphia. This is a big crime and a bas din cannot deal with it.

    • Amy says:

      Please do include racist remarks. We Jews have had our own no snitch rules for a while and many African Americans have come out to help survivors of sexual assault.

  4. Charlie says:

    Yoely Noe, as a close relative of this accuser, and as one who has adopted a similar lifestyle to her, you’re just throwing hollow talk to defend this accusation that does not make too much sense and comes from a very week source with very little credibility, since the allegedly “2 year long affair” this kid didn’t utter a word or hint about such an accusation, only and only after she was recorded on tape by her parents engaging in indecent activity, which resulted in a break up with that BF who was facing legal consequences, and eventually brought her to seek revenge in Weberman whom she thinks was standing behind this recording act.

    A.J. my guess on your write up is, as it appears from your article that the whole labeling on Weberman, on malachim, and on frum yiddden in general stems from your upsetness and bitterness on your still frum cousins, while you’re non observant, and away from Torah and it’s lifestyle, you’re either jealous at your still observant relatives and brethren, or you just look awkwards at frum yidden since they’re so different than you are, take your pick, otherwise I can’t better explain your article. siding with a drop out kid, who was caught in the act and been recorded with an older BF while she was only 15 years old, all of a sudden she came up with an accusation she never mentioned before as a clear revenge, and you take a stand against a blood and flesh relative of yours while he has a clean track record, and the whole accusation is based on a “he said she said” situation.
    Sorry if I offended you, this is what it looks like, please forgive me if I’m mistaking.

    • Amy says:

      Stop saying a person is either innocent or guilty before a trial. Many survivors of sexual assault are too scared to speak out. And look at this comment board and your own comments and it is not hard to figure out why this girl would be scared to speak.

      • sara says:

        I was raped when I was younger and it took me more than 2 years to even say the word rape. I am not saying she is lying or not but when someone goes through trauma like that it is understood how someone could keep quiet. I also think that when an accusation liek this comes up the community as a whole should stand by a young scared girl. She could be upset and doing it out of spite but what if she is telling teh truth? What if she isn’t the only one? what if we don’t put him in social cherem and he does it again? Do you want that blood on your hands?

  5. R says:

    Horrible!! Why would they try to shove things under the blanket if he is innocent?!? Major chilul hashem!!!

  6. Atheist Jew says:

    In my opinion, oath-on-oath cases inherently imply reasonable doubt and should never be taken to trial. Trial should occur only in the instances of true evidence – whether an independent witness, forensic proof, or other corroboration; otherwise, there remains reasonable doubt.

    As Dorothy Rabinowicz, of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, showed in her book “No Crueler Tyrannies,” false molestation accusations and hysteria are rampant. In my opinion (and I’m an atheist), the Brooklyn DA and blogs such as this are merely continuing the long liberal tradition of unethical, immoral, and outrightly evil witch-hunts – a true chillul hashem.

  7. M says:

    As a victim of sexual abuse as a young girl, I find the male perspective on here of rape to be extremely disturbing.
    There is a deep humiliation and shame inflicted, it is a horrific and life altering experience that haunts you constantly.
    So ashamed I was, I did not want people to know at first. When I finally told someone I trusted, they betrayed me and told many people. I was ostracized and shamed. The perpetrator’s friends called me a liar. They thought I wanted attention.
    This young girl would not go through this humiliation and shame, if she were “making it up”. Your justification of this sick man is atrocious. How in any way does his veneer of “good standing” speak in favor against the trauma, the social suicide, the shame and the humiliation this young girl faces in speaking out against a man who abused her? I hope justice is served.

    • sara says:

      I am a religious jew yet I find the Jewish male opinion to be horrible…In my opinion any male who stands by an accused molester has prob had thoughts or has done it themselves just have yet to get caught.

  8. M says:

    Athiest Jew – first, your link is irrelevant to this case. Those accusations were specific singular cases in the 80’s and 90’s – “false molestation accusations” are not RAMPANT. Second, mostly all of those cases were brought by the MOTHERS of the children – most of which had some sort of mental illness.

    How can you expect there to be witnesses to a molestation or rape that is aggressively attempted to being covered up by an ultra-religious community in defense of a prominent figure? Does this mean any molestation or rape case should be thrown out by default because there is not a witness who watched the forced sexual assault upon a young girl by a fifty-something man??

  9. jake says:

    kids are kids after all i dont believe this……….i think it blown up due to the fact that they were thrown out of the jewish community

  10. jake says:

    kids are kids after all. i think they feel hurt of being thrown out of the jewish community.and thanks for making me prouder of being a frum jew! couldnt have done better

  11. Am yisroel chai says:

    As long as there is no evidence we will never know the complete truth. All I can say is I am proud to be a frum Jew. The media has behaved shamefully when condemning along with the accused his entire community and yiddishkeit in general. We are good, kind and truly virtuous people who live our lives according to Halacha. The Torah doesn’t evolve and change according to times. The world is modern and while we enjoy the easier lives this provides us with , we still need to remember who we are. The vast majority of frum Jews are pure. Of course when such an accusation is made the goyim rejoice. Finally they can say the Jews aren’t better than us. We are!! Always will be!!!

  12. Am yisroel chai says:

    One more point to remember is that a goy can never understand the life we lead and trying to explain will result in one of 2 ways. If the way you explain Jewish law is in a ridiculing fashion like the book unorthodox written by a known apikoris who regardless where she were born she would have had issues due to the fact that her parents are not nurturing people, then the goy will laugh and say the Jews are fanatics. But if a non Jew asks a question and you answer them accordingly with a proudness and move on, they will admire it. Lets hope mashiach comes soon.

  13. Jenn says:

    Shameful and cruel that you would name the young girl. Surely you know to protect possible victims in these case, a minor no less. This reflects very poorly on your community. From this article, the community seems far more concerned with protecting its protocols, protecting a leader with apparently too much power and shaming a young woman, without giving her a fair day in court to present her case. An ethical person would rather get to the truth. Obviously, what is true is less important to you than protecting your authorities, whether are flawed or not.

  14. gordon says:

    kids need to have a voice but they are little people and they have to be taught to be big people. this young girl is a jewish girl and the goishe world will never understand the jewish nation even though we live in the free america. for them this case is what they want. for them this case is were they could let off there anti semittic steam built up.and i would like to thank personall this young victim for teaching me to appreciate my well balanced home my jewish education and most of all my jewish life and i would like to say again who ever is not jewish will never understand this case how a jew understands this

  15. edge says:

    You should take out the girl’s name reference in this article or risk criminal prosecution for violating a court publication ban.

  16. mark says:

    ok i see your sure she was raped , HOW DO YOU KNOW ?

  17. my humble opinion says:

    Children have to be taught good touch and bad touch, appropriate vs inappropriate behavior and questions.

    I remember during my parents divorce they sent myself and my brother ages 7 and 8 to a sick bastard social worker therapist who got kicks from imagining x rated scenarios. He asked us crazy questions such as ”did my mom ever walk around the house naked?”. I had my brother in the room, so I had the guts to tell him he’s a creep and we ran out of the office.
    Years later this man lost his counseling licence.

    Sick people do exist. They are not exclusive to the catholic priests or frum rabbis as these bloggers would like us to believe. As a matter of fact the incidences in the secular world are higher.
    Anti religious people like to villify religion by pointing out the rotten apples.
    Yes we are ashamed and shocked by bad people.
    We wish they wouldn’t exist.
    Yet they do. Life is .like that. There are rapists, kidnappers and murderers in this world.
    We do not live in a utopia.
    We just got to learn to stay clear.

  18. seeing red says:

    Then issue is now did this become a public media spectacle?
    It must pain the victim.
    Shame on everyone.
    The pain of abuse is compounded by the media spectacle.

    The media ears our pain for lunch. It thrives on our sordid news. We have fed the raving beast…the media..

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