Boorie Deutsch Learns a Hard Lesson: Customer is ALWAYS Right


Our own Boorie Deutsch, protagonist in the Weberman sexual molestation case that has become a cause celebre topping the news this week in the hood, may have erred in his headstrong belligerence against the Hasidic Williamsburg establishment. Is is now reported that R. Shmuel Berger, a notable kashrut endorser in Williamsburg, has revoked his kashrut certificate from Mr. Deutsch’s restaurant Old Williamsburg Cafe at 45 Lee Avenue in retaliation for his role as the prime instigator in the Weberman lawsuit, which will go to trial next month and for which the entire town was galvanized yesterday at the Continental Catering Hall on Rutledge Street.

If past events are any reliable indication, it is predicted that he will be driven out of business. Even though there was some vocal contingency yesterday from the fringes of the community rallied in protest to the Weberman fundraising dinner, the average “bum” in Williamsburg is an inconspicuous bum who is not willing to go out on a limb to support a despised individual. The community in Williamsburg, the most cohesive in the Urban Hasidic world, is up in arms against him. Not only will they boycott his restaurant but they will throw their weight around to intimidate neutral individuals from patronizing him.

Boorie (or “Burie”, Baruch in Hebrew) Deutsch, 23, is the present girlfriend of the 17 year old girl who was allegedly molested repeatedly in her adolescence by Mr. Weberman in the course of religious counseling sessions with the self-proclaimed wizard. Years ago, when Mr. Weberman and the girl’s father found out that she was consorting with one Mr. Solomon outside of marriage, an act frowned upon in the community, they conspired to file charges against the boy and had him arrested and arraigned for statutory rape (an act of sex wherein one of the partners is underage and is therefore legally incapable of consent). That case was ultimately dismissed, perhaps when the girl subsequently refused to cooperate with the prosecution. Nevertheless the pair never mended their fractured relationship resulting from what the boy saw as her betrayal of him.

After the religious therapy sessions in Williamsburg sputtered, the girl was expelled or taken out of the hidebound Williamsburg institutions and placed in a relatively liberal Flatbush school to complete her education. That’s where a licensed secular therapist reported to governmental authorities her revelation that she was molested by Mr. Weberman.

Normally, when such a thing happens intense pressure is brought to bear, if necessary, on the aggrieved not to press charges in the secular courts. It is commonly argued that airing such dirty laundry in public constitutes a tremendous hilul hashem (profanation of God’s name). However, after Mr. Deutsch hooked up with the girl, he egged her on to resist the pressure to drop the charges.

Analysts in the community are not exactly sure why Mr. Deutsch is going to such great lengths to bring Mr. Weberman down. Some claim it’s some sort of personal vendetta, perhaps a retribution on behalf of his girlfriend for breaking up her first love affair with Mr. Solomon. Many even doubt the very credibility of the charges, often citing in Weberman’s defense that his reputation precedes him as an upstanding member in the community and it’s thus forbidden to “release a bad name” (motzi shem ra).

Looking back at Mr. Deutsch’s personal record, however, there may be other, broader motives in the mix. Mr. Deutsch, weary of “squeezing the bench” in the Yeshiva as many others do in the absence of any interest in Talmudic scholasticism, had left Yeshiva as a bachelor and sought to join the communal self-patrol organization, Shomrim, but was rebuffed due to his bachelorhood. He then launched a new patrol group, KCSP (Kings County Safety Patrol), which did not discriminate against bachelors. The venture was not ultimately successful, however, and he may therefore still be bearing a grudge on the community.

Another factor may be explained through social psychology. The community usually has little tolerance for those who do not follow the program lock stock and barrel; which would normally position Mr. Deutsch and his extramarital girlfriend outside the pale. By casting his girlfriend –and by extension himself– as sexual abuse victims they may be hoping to receive better, more lenient, treatment. The girl, for example, still resides with her parents in Williamsburg, which wouldn’t normally be acceptable practice given her wayward demeanor. As a sexual abuse victim, she is perceived as having strayed in response to abuse and is therefore still welcome in the community pending the resolution of the abuse episode.

All this, of course, does not impugn the actual charges being made, which anecdotal evidence suggests are substantiated. Numerous members in the community have revealed in private (under condition of anonymity) that they too were molested or fondled by Mr. Weberman, but are not wiling to go public because of the stinging boomerang effect that invariably follows. This is very bad news for Mr. Weberman’s credibility since those who are not turning to authorities and are reporting in confidence seem to have nothing to gain from such reports if they were fabricated as Weberman and his supporters assert.

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24 Responses to Boorie Deutsch Learns a Hard Lesson: Customer is ALWAYS Right

  1. SAS says:

    “lock, stock, and barrel.” not “lock, sock, and barrel.”

  2. Whatsinaname says:

    Er, is there a reason that you’re revealing the victim’s name? Isn’t it pretty standard to not do that?
    And is there a lot to question about why this fellow supports putting away a pedophile who he claims has left the victim emotionally damaged? Why are you impugning Mr. Deutsch like that?

  3. Jacob Gluck says:

    Not reporting a sexual abuse victim’s name is not a victim’s right. In the case of minors, courts will sometimes put a gag order on it. Our case is in the public record. In addition it is a cause celebre and she is an adult who is choosing to be in the limelight by filing suit. You can’t have you cake and eat it too. Court records are public and ought to be public.

  4. Zali says:

    @Jacob first of all where comes in the customers here?  2nd i have heard that Deutsch has opend a case against u (and many more for threatening him a lit of arrests are coming) for putting up the victims name since ur wrong with the victims age, she is still under age and her name is no where to be found in public records, as a good friend im just worning u about it! And also i dont think u had the right to put out such a talk againt non of them when u didnt even listen to the other side of the story but as all the willi ppl when u ask them why do you say weberman is not gulty there answer is becuse i know him or becuse i see him every day davining zyer elrich, what has one with another?? Watch ur way of talking sicko 

  5. punim says:

    and contrary to this article the girl is still a minor (17 not 20) and its illegal to write her name (as for the court papers her name as a minor is not mentioned in any of the 1300 charges against the accused ) just goes to show how distorted your facts are and as for the hachcher it has never been taken off go in there and see for yourself its in your best interest to amend this article unless your looking to distort the facts and deceive your own readers of the facts

  6. Y. Gold says:

    Jacob we all have motives and drives its very discouraging the tone here come on we can win pull urself up and lets help deitch arrest and stop those abusers of power! how come you ignore webermans motives?

  7. goods says:

    hi as someone who knows the story somewhat was obviously written with some bias and one sided and worse of all writing the name of an under age victim of abuse which is illegal in most states even for adults guess someone paid u to write it or some other motive u got mister “jacob”

  8. Joel Engelman says:

    To the editor of this blog: please remove the name of the victim. Revealing the victim’s name, which is NOT public information, is in very bad taste.

  9. Jacob Gluck says:

    After obtaining new information that suggests the girl is still 17 I have removed her name from the article.

  10. Secular Jew says:

    I’m sorry, I think it is a violation of Weberman’s human rights to hide the name of his accuser; the Constitution rightly bars anonymous accusations.

  11. Secular Jew says:

    Also, Mr. Engelman’s references to the accuser as “victim” (rather than simply “accuser”) are a hilul hashem, since they pre-judge the outcome and prevent Weberman from getting a fair trial. Until all the “evidence” is presented at trial, we really don’t know whether the accuser is a “victim” at all.

  12. bracha says:

    Chassidim take the definition of “innocent untill proven guilty” to a whole other level. For them there are many addendums to this policy. If u r very frum even better a zealot, or u are an einikel, or u have money- than u r innocent even after proven guilty. It seems there is one mitzva in the torah that chassidim hold and that is ” not to masser” ai- s/o may have molested hundreds of victims- thus murdering them emotionally, mentally, physically and killing their doires….that’s nothing- bec the victim is usually an osvorf anyway…. Right? Uch- u guys make all of judais m look bad. All of u stuck in the ghetto – where news abt the tish, or who beat up who or don’t do a shidduch with a zalmy or aroni….there is a world beyond ur ugly sinas chinam- amongst other sins many of u commit….I’m from BP….its not the greatest but I was in willi last week and its like being on another planet…I’d probably be egged in monroe…all u hav to do is allow them to put a muzzle on ur mouth, be obedient, follow the rules and ur a tzaddik… Surely- its ana amazing display of ahavas yisrale when two huge REBBE’S who are brothers!!! Do not talk to each other and with that the rift is upheld by their thousands of followers. What kavod shamayim. When mashiach comes- we will b suprised who will b in front…it won’t b based on how much fur is on ur pelts, what color ur bekeshe is, how long ur payos r, how many chassidim u have, and how zealous u were….sheker hachein. First thing is – world stands on one foot- v’ahavta l’reacha kamocha- b’yimei sefira- we see how important that is- more than any chumra. Enjoy the asifa…

    • Silky says:

      When the whole accusation is being driven for a known vendetta and the reason of the accusation is very well known, (it’s simply in retaliation for she suspects this man has broken up her premature relationship with her former BF), then there’s little room left to believe the accuser, and a lot of reason to believed the accused, that he may be very well innocent, and at least give him the general “innocent until proven guilty”.

      • Y. Koppel says:

        It’s NOT a vendetta. She spoke with a LICENSED therapist who was REQUIRED BY LAW to notify authorities.

    • V Visen says:

      Ending your comment with ridiculing the asifa shows the true Ahavas Yisroel you possess.

  13. V Visen says:

    I would suggest for people like Englman that already came out in the public saying they are victims, to take a very public attended by independent polygraph to prove everyone wrong, until then even with a guilty verdict in anyone’s case the community won’t believe it, especially when Englman’s Friends have told the school that he was a victim of harsh corporal punishments and vowed to bring his Rebbe down.

  14. just saying says:

    the vendetta is that this weberman broke up her relationship with her first true love… and so her current boyfriend is taking on the battle for her?? huh?

    can you introduce me to one guy who is not turned off when a girl he is into is still stuck on an old boyfriend? Why on earth would this guy be fighting for the old love affair? He would be happy it didn’t work out so that now he has his sweetheart. He wouldn’t be encouraging any ties to the past.

    Not too kosher to post an underage victim’s name. But taking note that there are a number of other victims who dont want to press charges. And why houdl they? WHat have they to gain? To be ensnared in a mess. Posted all over the internet for eternity? They want to move on with their life and think they can. Maybe this girl feels she cant and so she has nothing to lose by standing up and making sure it doesnt happen to another. Just maybe.

  15. Greetings! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a outstanding job!

  16. Secular Jew says:

    “Not too kosher to post an underage victim’s name.”

    I disagree. Anonymous accusations are unconstitutional and are a trait of oppressive societies. Further, at the age of 17, the accuser is an adult in most jurisdictions with respect to marriage, sexual consent, and abortion. Her name should be published.

  17. Jenn says:

    Wow, the tone of this article is deplorable. The author seems to find joy in some man’s potential loss of business & ability to support himself. Additionally, you’ve all but admitted this is simply an intimidation tactic to stop the criminal trial of Weberman. That’s called harassment & coercion, and guess what, in this country, it’s illegal. Because it is wrong, unethical and prevents justice. The only reason you would want to stop an open trial is because you don’t want someone held accountable for their alleged crimes. If Weberman didn’t do it, he can defend himself in court. Why so afraid of a day in court? Makes him sound guilty already, with a bunch of flunkies protecting him, and this article makes the Satmar community sound guilty as well. Shameful article.

  18. Alesha Lorentine says:

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