Eminent Hasidic Spiritualist, Hershy Schnitzler, Lectures at Thursday Night Chulent

art by Michael Levin mikelev.com

art by Michael Levin mikelev.com

One of the most exciting figures in the Haredi spiritual but non-observant Jewish world is Hershy Schnitzler. With a cult-like persona he attracts gaggles of adulators and devotees. For the May 17 Chulent gathering in Kensington, Brooklyn Hershy showed up fashionably late like a Hasidic Rebbe, except that he was bare-headed and his beard was not nearly as long.

After some passionate trance-like crooning of some traditional Hasidic folk songs in Yiddish accompanied by musical instruments, Hershy was finally ready to give his lecture. Topic of the day? The besht –founder of Hasidus!

In a piercingly insightful and profoundly revealing half-hour presentation, Hershy demonstrated how the very elemental ideas of Hasidus as originally expounded by the Besht have been unrecognizably altered and forgotten. The besht was far from a halakhically observant Jew, asserts Hershy.

Hershy was on a brief visit to New York. He has now returned to his home town Miami where he is active in a Carlebach-type congregation.

Watch the lecture below.

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3 Responses to Eminent Hasidic Spiritualist, Hershy Schnitzler, Lectures at Thursday Night Chulent

  1. just saying says:

    May be, May be not. Maybe the Besht just wasnt the most learned, not having the benefit of parents and someone to pay for his education. Maybe he is the Jewish version of Santa Claus flying through the night from one end of the world t another to secretly save Jews from decrees and other horrors they were experiencing i.e. pogroms and blood libels. Say it exactly as it is– this Hershy character is a “cult” leader. Maybe he thinks he is an incarnation of the Besht. In fact, I think it’s mental illness. Or the drugs he openly smokes. Hey, he’s only doing what he knows, learned it good and well at the feet of Reb Mottele Viznitzer. Never got a real education or skills to learn how to make a living… So leave one cult and start another… And why does the smart Isaac surround himself in all of this leaves me wondering…

  2. Loi Selech Ruchil... says:

    But don’t worry, it’s not the hypocrisy that causes young men and women to leave Frimkeit and seek their own spiritual paths in life.. it must be all the “drugs” they smoke and narrische sefurim chitzoiniyim that they read. Di bist duch ah groisse tzadik un hust kein schild bechlal.

  3. Shimza says:

    I really wanted to hear what Heshy was saying… why do you have to move your camera all over the place and record all your random conversations ?!?!

    Dude, I like your site, but I would have loved to have heard all of Heshy’s answers…

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