Kosher Delight Self Destructs Leaving Trail of Debt

Kosher Delight, the decades-old popular Kosher eatery in Manhattan (Broadway between 36th and 37th Streets) closed this week for good after 28 years in operation amid suspicious circumstances.

Ostensibly they were unable to meet their financial obligations. Customers are circumspect, however. After being in business for so long and with a steady stream of customers, it being one of a select few kosher restaurants in Manhattan, and with no recent risky capital outlays, the claimed financial distress is perplexingly inexplicable. Foul play is suspected; something along the lines of the famous Allou Health Care scandal of 2004 in which the Hasidic importer of beauty products deliberately scuttled its business after extensive borrowing on fictitious merchandise and continually transferring money out of the enterprise through phony bills.

In the case of Kosher Delight, it is claimed that the owner was looking forward to retirement on the plentiful riches he accumulated over the years from his highly successful enterprise and in his eagerness to liquidate his business with the maximum profit he reneged on his lease and supplier bills in the months and years leading up to its closure. (It  is normal for it to take over a year in court proceedings before the eviction of a delinquent tenant, which would save a typical Manhattan shop over $100,000 for the year).

On a recent blog discussing the closing one regular customer reminisces that:

Sure, it was dirty. And a meal there always seemed like it came with the risk of infection. And the bathrooms looked like a set from a low-budget horror film. But it was home

The Manhattan store was reportedly owned by the same proprietor who operated the Borough Park store on 13th Avenue and 46th Street. That store closed down about a year ago under the same ploy, it is suspected.

The Kosher Delight on Ave. J in Flatbush, however, is owned by a different entity and is in full operation.

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  1. Noel Duncan says:

    Such undocumented calumnious reporting smacks of unprofessionalism and poor taste.

  2. NATAS says:


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