Weberman Defense Fund Turns Out to Be Slush Fund


Remember the fundraising event last month for Nechemiah Weberman whose defense claims that the sexual molestation allegations against him are pure fabrications? Now it turns out that the money wasn’t intended to defend him. You obviously don’t need to convoke the entire town and solicit thousands of contributions for defense alone –even if he is guilty, let alone if innocent. It turns out the “defense fund” was intended to buy a dismissal of the case. reports that four men offered a cool half million dollars as hush money to persuade the victim to drop the charges. The victim bravely refused and had the men arrested!

So the question is: if he’s innocent why bribery? why hush money? We all remember Nixon’s hush money and we all know that Nixon was as guilty as sin. This should serve as a cautionary tale for Williamsburgers. Wake up! this is 21st century. Bribery in New York City is so 70’s! (Watch Serpico to learn more –oops, y’all don’t watch movies, my bad). It doesn’t work anymore; get a life!

Williamsburg Cafe now closed!

Williamsburg Cafe now closed!

And congratulations to Boory Deutsch for declining the hush money. This case needs to proceed to trial at which Weberman ought to be convicted as charged and sent to prison, lemaan yishmeu veyirau, so they hear and fear!

Ubiaarta hara miqqirbekha! Get rid of him, Williamsburg, Stop protecting child molesters!

UPDATE: It turns out that the four arrested are Berger brothers, sons of R. Shmuel Berger, the dietary supervisor and endorser of the Old Williamsburg Cafe. It seems that their father, after receiving a great deal of pressure from elements in the community to revoke his kashrut certificate decided that he would get involved in this alternative initiative to make the problem go away and make everyone happy.

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10 Responses to Weberman Defense Fund Turns Out to Be Slush Fund

  1. Jason says:

    What evidence is there that the money collected from that event was what they were using to buy his silence?

  2. Matt says:

    It has been widely reported that the young girl he molested, and her boyfriend, have the offer on audio tape. That is why the Brooklyn DA was forced to arrest the four men.
    This is just one article that reports on the recording:

  3. Jacob Gluck says:

    I don’t have any ironclad court-proof evidence. Circumstantial evidence is all. They raised over 500,000 dollars, an obscene sum not required for typical molestation cases. Now I understand where the money was intended to go. I guess the Williamsburg supporters are now entitled to a refund. Or maybe there are other bribable prospects!

  4. yoel m says:

    Boory Deitch not Weber

  5. Pinny Gold says:

    Only 3 of the defendants are sons of the Rav Hamachshir.
    “Jacob, Joseph and Hertzka Berger and Abraham Rubin”

  6. NATAS says:

    williamsburg cafe is the same format as chicken delight trail of debt used to close and finish people the evil got him. negative lies in the news truth traps deliberately are set up GOING TO STOP.

  7. Y. Koppel says:

    Is Berger’s the only hechsher around? There is more to this than we know. If Satmar agents are willing to throw a half million at this, they will do ANYTHING to stop it. And they have the people, skills, and equipment and to do it. BODY GUARDS NEEDED!

  8. duvid moshe says:

    I am OK but Weberfman is OY VEY — a dirty old man is a dirty old man — it happens — who will forgive him? Hashem? maybe if he prays to Yoshka Pondera

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