Hasidic Expansion in Fleischmann’s Prompts Altercation with Locals

The village of Fleischmanns in upstate New York was the scene of an altercation this past shabbos between Hasidic vacationers and local residents. The conflict centers on the recent Hasidic expansion in the village, a natural result of the rapid growth of the hasidic sector, but one that long-time residents of this laid-back idyllic village dislike.

The Village of Fleischmanns in Delaware County, New York; year-round population: 351

Fleischmanns is the site of one of the first bungalow colonies to be acquired by the Satmar hasidim in America after WWII, continuing a century old tradition of New York City Jews vacationing in the Catskills in the summer. Over subsequent decades dozens of additional bungalow colonies had been purchased in the region by a variety of hasidic congregations and entrepreneurs.

But a surge of Hasidic construction, acquisitions, and renovations of Catskills properties has been taking place lately. It is prompted by the natural growth of the Hasidic community through uncontrolled reproduction, relative affluence and a trend to manifest it through summer vacations, and the recent Aaron-Zalman rift which requires a duplication of existing entities to serve the needs of whichever faction loses title to the existing property.

Mendelowitz-owned Hotel Properties, including the former Flagstone Inn and Northland Hotel

The Mendelowitz family had thus recently purchased a couple of old hotels in Fleischmanns and, renovated them, and made them available for hasidic vacationers. To serve the needs of the Hasidim, the hotel proprietors had erected an eruv around the hotel area to enable guests to carry on shabbos.

But even ostensibly Orthodox Jewish neighbors of the Mendelowitz property were inimical to the hasidic gentrification in their midst. The altercation that erupted this past shabbos was over the hotel’s eruv string that had apparently been severed by a Jewish doctor that lived nearby, claiming that the string ran through his property. Three hasidic men from the Mendelowitz family confronted the old Jewish doctor, hurled insults at thim and accused him repeatedly accused him of being mehallel shem shomayim berabbim (profaning the name of Heaven publicly).

The confrontation was filmed by the doctor’s family and subsequently published on the Internet. Three clips can be viewed on the SatmarStrip Club Facebook page:

But in an unusual twist, while the hotel’s proprietors may have expected sympathy within the Hasidic community, there wasn’t much of it going around among Hasidic WhatsApp denizens. The video reflected poorly on the Mendelowitz trio who are seen haranguing the old man without apparent cause (the men do not specify what the issue is).

One hasid later issued an open letter of apology toward the man:







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8 Responses to Hasidic Expansion in Fleischmann’s Prompts Altercation with Locals

  1. J. Perlman says:

    Nebech what money can do to you. 3 generations of wealthy well respected hasidic family scream the 4 letter word because they need more money for vacationers to use their Eiruv.

    Look at their self righteous faces and cries to hih heaven as if they mean g-d when its all about money…

    What a shame this M. femaily’s protest, shows us what all other protests mean not g-d not humans just power and money!

    They are the real מחללי שם שמים ברבים

  2. Shmuel says:

    What a shame!!!

    I am satmar myself, and am looking for a bunker to hide.

    What $$$ can do to people. provide 3 generations of lunatics.

  3. Fred Woller says:

    We would like to clarify the events mentioned in the article. My wife is the person who shot the video on her phone and we are not family but dear friends of the Dr. and his wife,well respected members of the Orthodox,community, who would never have done such a thing on Shabbos. We were just beginning a quiet Shabbos lunch with our friends when we heard shouting outside their house. As you can see from the video, we were met with a shocking display of sacrilegious vitriol, that would not be appropriate on any day of the week, let alone Shabbos. What you may not have heard were the threats against us all, of what would happen tomorrow and that we would be dead. (There is more video). As for the eruv, (which was actually the household eruv of the Dr.), it was washed away in Hurricane Irene along with the fence which is the actual object of dispute. I’ve lived in Fleischmanns for over thirty years and have never seen such a vile exhibition of disrespect in our community.

    • Avraham Kranz says:

      Thank you for writing a clarification of what actually took place.
      Characterizing it as “Hasidic Expansion”, as this article does, could be misleading, because this dispute has little to do with expansion per se, and more to do with the re-erection of the fence that borders our property and the motel’s (owned by Mendlovic).
      As for the eruv, I’m not sure which one Mr. Mendlovic was referring to. If his eruv was down, why was his son carrying his gartel in his hand. If it was our private eruv (which was not down), why would he complain?
      At any rate, I hope people will understand the truthful elements of this dispute and ignore the falsities (such as the eruv, about my mother, who is in the video, not covering her hair, etc.).
      –The Doctor’s Son

  4. Mia says:

    we have had a house up there for 50+ years and the hostility has been evident for just as long.

  5. Nathan Friedman says:

    I would boycott this motel. No jew is to step in the are the worst jew. Haters.
    The are to be kiked our of fleismans
    Jews have self respect do not go to that house of shame.

  6. Mo says:

    Lock up those Hasidic thugs. They have been coddled for much too long.

    They need to repent big time.

  7. Bella says:

    Your article mentions “Hasidic gentrification” – if only!

    Hasidic properties are poorly maintained, and eventually many receive tax-exemption, leaving everybody else to pick up the tab. Once Hasidics establish their summer colonies, areas become depopulated for 10 months of the years. Places with low property values attract these colonies. In Fleischmanns we have had a series of weak village boards with no vision or sense of responsibility to the community that have contributed to property devaluations . You can’t blame the Hasidim: they are opportunistic. Mendlovic is just a very bad actor in this whole trend, but once Hasidics become established, you can kiss your property values and quality of life goodbye. Mendlovic and other Hasidic landlords in town rent to more people than the housing codes allow, creating a slum atmosphere. There is an increase of trash being thrown on the street when these people are here. Dumpsters overflow with garbage in full view of the street.I am at a loss to understand why Hasidic people want to come to these slums and pay good money to do it.

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