HasidicNews.com was founded in 1999 by Jacob Gluck. Its mission is to provide objective news reports to the Hasidic community in metropolitan New York as well as to constitute a source for Hasidic culture and history to members of the community as well as others who are studying it.

After many years of inactivity in the 2000’s, the website was rebuilt in 2011 on a new blog-oriented platform with social media integration, comments and the like. A new partnership was also formed with members from the community and beyond to provide a steady supply of news and bring to our attention noteworthy trends in Haredi and Hasidic Jewry.

HasidicNews.com’s current coverage extends over three domains: News, Opinion and History. With history the objective is to underscore long-range trends in Hasidic culture; how extensively it has evolved from its humble origin in 18th century Eastern Europe and how it continues to adapt in its contemporary American milieu.

HasidicNews.com is a non-for-profit venture. We are eager to team up with philanthropic organizations who see value in what we do and are willing to sponsor us. We are also looking for contributors who can wield an influence with our audience through any literary or artistic genre. Email jacob@hasidicnews.com for creative contributions, financial support or business opportunity inquiries.