HasidicNews.com Looking for Sponsor

HasidicNews.com is suspended due to lack of funding. We have been unable to find a viable business or non-for-profit model to keep the updates constant and make vital improvements in the quality and breadth of our reporting. If you would like to see us active again, please let us know. We are interested in learning more from our readers.

Do you value our mission as the only original, objective, liberal news outlet for haredi (ultra-orthodox) sector?

Are you willing to pay a monthly or annual fee for access to our reporting (approximately $10/month or $100/year)?

Are you or someone you know willing to sponsor our site for a certain period (we estimate it’ll cost us $50,000 a year to do a good job)?

Any other ideas or feedback you’d like to share with us?

Please email jacob@hasidicnews.com.

With proper funding, the following improvements will be made upon resumption of activity:

  • a fully separate news section and opinion section, cross linked but self-contained.
  • professional, original reporting, including research, interviews and quotes from original sources.
  • audio podcasts and possibly video webcasts to supplement textual reporting.
  • more original photos and videos.

NOTE: the advertising model does NOT work. It does not generate enough income and is liable to prejudice our reporting.

Thank you for your feedback.

— Jacob Gluck, founder and chief editor of HasidicNews.com